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Afro-supermarket M&D now in Karlstraße

In Karlstraße 39, Mo Rabah and his wife Dörries have been operating the African supermarket M&D since the beginning of September, which they named after their initials. They previously sold their products in the tranquil Beiert-Bulach. “We are happy to have the shop in Karlstraße. There is a lot of wheel customers!” says the owner. He and his wife offer a wide range of African and Caribbean food products.

On the shelves you will find rice, couscous, oils and spices, but also kitchen accessories, African fashion and cosmetics. In the refrigerated chest there are fish, crustaceans and snails, in the entrance a small selection of fresh vegetables such as plantains, cassava, cocoyam (in German: water bread root) or coconuts. “However, we have not only African articles, but also products from Italy, Japan and Turkey,” emphasises Mo. There are canned tomatoes, instant noodles or Turkish tea maker. “People of different nationalities buy in our country. The roasted cassava flour is eaten frequently in Brazil, for example,” he says.

A food goes viral on TikTok ...

At M&D you will also find drinks from Africa, such as the Malta Guiness from Nigeria or the soft rinks of the company from Cameroon. But Fanta or the French water are also on the shelves. Some of the typical African products are currently also being hyped on the social network TikTok, such as “Fufu”, a porridge consisting of cooking bananas and cassava. “People ask for it explicitly because they saw it on TikTok,” says Mo.


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